The Mexican Affair


When was the last time incredible photography from one of the world’s leading lensmen, featuring the hottest models on the planet just dropped into your lap? Not lately we’re guessing. But that’s exactly what happened when the team at Crowd got their hands on the shots from Kookai’s latest fashion shoot in Mexico. Once they had their eager mitts on the eye-popping images they knew they could use them to showcase a whole new way of storytelling. And The Mexican Affair was born.

James Meakin is the go to man for stand out fashion shoots. Models Catherine McNeill and Marloes Horst don’t get out of bed for anyone less. Crowd took the fruits of their shoot and dramatised them in a mysterious, thriller storyline. And they did it for the love of it (or at least the love of looking at the stunning pics for day on end). The result is something special.

James Meakin is delighted and Kookai have given the team great feedback.

It demonstrates just what can be done for fashion sales online.  The result is a scrollable, swipeable, playable adventure packed with effects, video, transformations and snappy lines.

Go ahead, take a tour of the Mexican Affair.