Static Games And BWT Tackle IBM’s Watson Mobile Developer Challenge


Two local businesses, Static Games and BWT, are to join forces to tackle IBM’s Watson Mobile Developer Challenge.

The Watson Mobile Developer Challenge is a global competition offering mobile developers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to join the Watson Ecosystem Program – Watson is the innovative technology developed by the brains that run IBM, that processes information more like a human than a computer and learns intuitively by its mistakes.

The three winners of the Watson Mobile Developer Challenge will be given the chance to work alongside IBM experts, receiving valuable design consulting and support, as well as access to the Watson sandbox, to help develop their app into a viable commercial product.

Static Games and BWT intend to develop an app that gives consumers the ability to participate in thrilling games and if they win, earn a product at a massively reduced price.  The team believe that by  offering users discounts and excitement, whilst providing businesses with the data they need to take their sales to the next level, their use of Watson to drive innovation in marketing and ecommerce.