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To upgrade or downgrade your listing, simply sign up for the new level of account you want and complete the form as before. When we approve your new listing, we’ll automatically turn off the old one and cancel the original payment subscription.

    • Free Listing


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    • Create a free listing highlighting your company.

      The free listing contains your company name and logo as well as a link to your website, a short 140 character bio and the ability to select your industry type.

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    • Standard Listing


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    • Enhance your listing and showcase your business.

      A small monthly subscription allows you to show off your agency with a longer 280 character biography.

      You can also upload 2 portfolio images, select 3 specialisms and add a link to one of your social media channels too.

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    • Premium


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    • Tell the World everything there is to know about you!

      For less than the price of a meal for two, the premium listing allows you to describe your business using an unlimited number of characters – go wild! You can also upload an unlimited number of portfolio pieces, including video, and choose 5 specialisms that your agency is good at.

      There is also room for links to all of your social media channels.

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